"Per aspera ad astra" - "Over obstacles to the stars"  

Sojuz 28 – Salyut 6

Some details on space flight of V. Remek

Take off: 02.03.1978
Landing: 10.03.1978
Flight duration: 7d 22h 18m
Space shuttle:: Sojuz 28
Position: Cosmonaut researcher
Note: 2nd visit on Salyut 6/ first international, 87th man in space

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On Complex Salyut 6

29.9.1977 Take off of the booster rocket Proton with the orbital station Salyut 6 (SSSR).

The station has operates on orbit for 1763 days. Salyut 6 was completely rebuilt and equipped with two connecting nodes compared to the previous stations. It enabled to send to the station also the „visiting“ crew besides the basic own one and complete the reserves on the continous basis through freight space shuttle Progress. 31 space shuttles have docked with the station in total. The reached operating life of the station severalfold exceeded the planned one. Also the first international crew Alexey Gubarev and Vladimír Remek resided at Salyut 6 (transfered by the space shuttle Sojuz 28).

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