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Vladimír Remek was born on 26th September 1948 in České Budějovice. Mother was Czech, father Slovak - later on general of Czechoslovak Air Force.

After school leaving exam at High school in Čáslav in 1966, he studied at Higher Air School in Košice. Here he flew the training aircraft L-29 Delfin. After the graduation in 1970 he joint the air army unit in České Budějovice.

Since 1970 he went through various position from fighter pilot to Deputy Commander of the air division in Czechoslovak (later on Czech) army.

In 1972 he was selected to study at the J. A. Gagarin Air Force Academy in Moscow. After the graduation in 1976 he returned shortly to the air army unit in České Budějovice. In autumn 1976 he got through the selection of the candidates for the space flight together with O. Pelčák, M. Vondroušek and L. Klíma. Since 1976 he launched the training together with O. Pelčák and other candidates from Poland and former GDR in J. A. Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center in Space City near Moscow. The training for the space flight was completed in 1978.

Vladimír Remek (in captainship) was nominated for the position of cosmonaut-researcher in the crew of the space shuttle Sojuz 28 – the first international crew within the Interkosmos programme. The flight commander was the Soviet cosmonaut Colonel Alexej Gubarev. The flight was accomplished from 2nd till 10th March 1978. The crew worked onboard the orbital complex Saljut 6 together with its essential crew Yuriy Romanenko and Georgiy Grechko. The total duration of the flight was 190 hours and 18 minutes.

Vladimír Remek was the first non-Soviet and non-American citizen to be in space and 87th cosmonaut in total.

After his return Vladimír Remek worked as the executive officer in the Military Research Facility in Praha-Kbely (1978 – 1985). In 1988, after two years study, he graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR in Moscow. He worked as the fighter pilot of the Czechoslovak army till 1990. Since 1990 till 1995 he worked as the Director in Military Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics in Praha-Kbely. He left the army in June 1995 as Colonel. Then he worked as the sales representative of ČZ Strakonice in Russian Federation. He was also General Director of the joint undertaking ČZ-Turbo-GAZ in Nizniy Novgorod. Since 2002 till 2004 he worked as the Commercial Counsellor and Head of the Commercial-Economis Department of the Czech Ambassy in Moscow. He was member of the former Czechoslovak Communist Party (KSČ), in 1990 was obliged as the soldier according to the law to terminate his membership in the party.

In June 2004 he was elected the Member of the European Parliament as the independent candidate for the Czech and Moravian Communist Party. Together with another 23 MEPs now works in the European Parliament (2004 – 2009).

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